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Huons Group seeks to build on its recent successes

Huons Global expects to leap forward as a global healthcare group [HUONS GLOBAL]

Huons Group has gone from strength to strength despite the difficult economic conditions caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Huons Global, the holding company of Huons Group, achieved revenue of 575.6 billion won ($474 million) based on consolidated financial statements in 2021, posting 10% revenue growth. one year to the next.

The group is now focusing on its future growth engines through the conclusion of investment contracts and commercial expansion to foreign markets.

Huons BioPharma, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huons Global, has signed an export contract with the world’s largest botulinum toxin markets of USA, China and Europe to supply its Hutox botulinum toxin for sale. The company not only exports its finished products, but has also formed a forward-looking partnership in China, attracting significant capital investment from its partner company IMEIK.

The Huons group is strengthening its collaboration with organic research and development companies to ensure long-term growth momentum for the future. Already this year, Humedix has signed a series of MOUs and contracts with specialized R&D companies such as GenNBio, HLB Pharma, Kineta and G2GBIO.

A related project focuses on time-release injections, a new alternative that eases the medication burden for patients with refractory diseases who must take medications or injections every day. Humedix plans to develop treatments for obesity in cooperation with HLB Pharma, as well as develop sustained-release injections targeting Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and osteoarthritis with G2GBIO.

She also invested $2 million in Kineta.

As interest in functional health foods grows, Huons launched Huons Foodience in January to support the growth of the related business. Huons Foodience has completed a value chain that covers the whole process, from development to production of functional raw materials, with a range of functional health foods including red ginseng, multivitamins and probiotics.

She has successfully marketed a health supplement named Elruby Menolacto Probiotics YT1 that helps improve symptoms of female menopause, including hot flashes. Huons Foodience plans to lead a functional health food business, in line with trends such as “healthy enjoyment” and “self-medication”.

Huons Global launched Huons Meditech by merging its subsidiaries, Huons Medicare and Huons Medical. Huons Meditech plans to conduct synergistic marketing based on strengthened portfolios that encompass disinfection, sterilization and aesthetic treatment. It aims to become a leading medical company that sets trends in the global medical and healthcare device market.

Huons Group also focuses on corporate sustainability management by integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) activities and proactively responding to various issues in line with global management trends.

“We plan to continue ESG management activities to promote Huons Group’s long-term value and sustainable growth in the future,” a Huons Group official said. “We will become a global healthcare group that creates a healthy society.”

BY HAJIN KIM ([email protected])