New business

Huge success for The Chocolate Café with the opening of a new business in Rawtenstall

A popular cafe in Ramsbottom has opened a new branch in a ‘booming’ town, offering customers delicious treats.

The Chocolate Café on Bolton Street has opened its second shop in Rawtenstall replacing the old Bank Street Chocolate Factory, offering a cozy atmosphere, delicious chocolate treats and brunch options.

And after just over a week of opening, the response from the local community has been overwhelming.

Philip Hargreaves, owner of Chocolate Cafés in Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall, said: ‘We only opened last week, we opened on Monday and held a chocolate tasting which was brilliant.

“A very good commitment from the local community, then we opened the café from Tuesday and yes, we are really delighted with the feedback from the local community.

“On the opening day, I don’t know how many people showed up, but there were times when people couldn’t enter the store. It was very well received by people.

“We see Rawtenstall as a really promising place; the mix of stores for customers is absolutely perfect, it’s not too busy with food and drink and it’s not too busy with retail, there’s a really good mix.

“It also helps that Ramsbottom is just around the corner so we can use the resources of both, which makes sense for us.

“We have opened up to a new market at Rawtenstall, but I don’t think that has helped Ramsbottom yet, but hopefully it will be enough.

“Customers can expect a very good brunch menu, our cafe in Rawtenstall is small but we can expect a very good brunch menu.

“The brunch menu was designed by our chef, Ian McDonald, who was on Bake Off the Professionals, and they can also expect a load of chocolate goodies.”

Ian McDonald, head chef at Chocolate Café in Rawtenstall, said: ‘It’s been a slow start as we’re still trying to get a feel for what opening times are best for the local community and what foods are selling the most. better, we try to find our bearings, but it has been very positive in terms of feedback.

“The open day was really good, and the chocolate tasting day was even better because it was like sardines in the cafe, you couldn’t move and but yeah so far it’s been really good.”

Chocolate treats such as bars, truffles and Christmas treats are already selling well according to staff member Will Kay.

He said: “We sell bars very well, we also sell them online and send them out for delivery.

“As it’s almost Christmas too, they are selling very well.”

The company sells chocolate candies that they make themselves in a unit in Bury with moulds, adding flavors to make the most delicious and delicious chocolate.

The cafe is based on Bank Street in Rawtenstall and is open Tuesday to Saturday.