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How to Add New Products to Grocery Stores in Lubbock

If you’ve ever shopped at a grocery store and wanted them to sell a certain product, you might be able to make it happen.

I was talking with a friend with a gluten allergy recently, and she told me about a certain brand of pasta that she likes but wishes the stores in Lubbock had had more variety of their products. As someone who also has dietary restrictions, I immediately understood her pain. It’s all too common for stores to only sell a few products you need, or they randomly decide to stop selling the products when you need them the most.

Tired of only eating one type of gluten-free pasta over and over again, my friend contacted the store and asked if they could stock more products from the brand they currently sell. After a few tries, calling the store she frequented and their head office, they finally started selling the product she requested.

When she told me that, I was absolutely shocked. I had no idea a store would actually do something like this. It gives people like me and my friend hope that we can actually get the food we need and want.

I know some of you reading this might think we should just be happy that the store has everything we can get in the first place, but having just one or two products to choose from isn’t enough. Grocery stores need to do a better job of stocking their shelves with safe foods for a variety of dietary needs and offering a variety of brands and products to choose from. This is one of the reasons I like to shop in Market Street because they have a wide variety of vegetarian products that I can enjoy.

Whether you have a dietary need or just want to see new products added to the shelves, don’t be afraid to ask because you might just get what you want.

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