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Horizon launches new products for businesses – The Royal Gazette

Updated: May 13, 2022 09:38

Horizon is Bermuda’s new internet provider (photo provided)

Bermuda’s newest internet provider, Horizon Communications, has launched a range of new internet plans for businesses looking for high speeds and savings.

A company spokesperson said Horizon’s new wireless technology could provide Gbps+, secure, faster-than-fiber connections around Bermuda.

One Gbps is 1000 Mbps, or 1000 megabits per second.

Horizon’s internet solution, with business connections powered by Terragraph, a solution created in partnership with Qualcomm and Facebook, launched in Bermuda with network partner Siklu, enabling extremely high bandwidth and data speed figures .

The company said the response to the technology has so far been positive.

“Horizon Communications is dedicated to providing groundbreaking internet service in Bermuda, and we recognize that the business community has been hit hard over the past two years,” said Founder Gilbert A Darrell, who launched Horizon in May 2021.

“With our new business plans, we are reducing the price of business internet service in Bermuda by 25-50%.”

“In the past, local businesses didn’t have many Internet service options, but now Horizon has entered the market with high-speed, super-reliable connections, redundancy as a basic service, and voice over Internet Protocol and enterprise network services,” said Darrell. “With more competitive pricing, we hope we can help revitalize business in Bermuda.”

“The new plans are competitive, with small business plans starting at $109 per month and costing enterprise-grade dedicated and symmetric broadband plans at half their previous costs,” a spokesperson said. of the society.

Horizon said they keep offering new fares – they’re also offering those same fares to their current customers as a thank you for their continued support.

For more information, call 707-3278 or [email protected]