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Here are the top 10 cool new products at NACS 2021


ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Cool New Products Preview Room at the 2021 NACS Show, which took place October 5-8 in Chicago, provided attendees with a preview of the latest products and services available to the convenience store industry.

New this year, attendees used the NACS My Show Planner app to get full product details, including exhibitor name, booth location and release date. The app also allowed attendees to create a “personal shopping list” to check out products on the show floor.

“Feedback from retailers on the new digitization feature has been very positive,” said Nicole Walbe, Director, Supplier Engagement, NACS. “There were no lines. It was a non-contact solution, and their scans were easily accessible through the app for follow-up in the exhibition field.

This year, there were 11,350 scans in total.

Of the 270 new products on display, here are the top 10 cool new products at NACS, based on the total number of scans:

1. Mashgin

The contactless payment system

2. Naturipe Farms LLC

Naturipe Snacks ™ —Berry Parfait and Boost Bentos & Bliss Bentos

3. Launch into the world

IBD fat 30i

4. Toy blacksmith

360 Joy Tower

5. The SAM Machine Corp. dba SAM Corp.

The SAM machine

6. C4®

C4 Energy

7. Anchor packaging

Crisp Food Technologies® Fry Baby®

8. 5 hour energy

ENERGY 5 hours: Innovation in nomadic products

9. David’s cookies

Individually wrapped retail ready products

10. David’s cookies

Individually wrapped retail ready products


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