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Hancocks unveils a selection of new products – Retail Times

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Confectionery expert Hancocks unveiled a selection of novelties including the new giant cables from Vimto.

The UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler now offers the new Vimto Giant Cables. Made with real fruit juice, this Vimto flavored candy is the perfect treat that’s soft on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Also new to Hancocks are the Kingsway Fizzy Rolls. This fruit flavored candy is a popular pick n mix candy and looks great as part of a pick n mix display as well as being the perfect treat for events and parties.

Crazy Candy Factory Dancing Duck is expected to be popular among kids. This novelty fruit flavored candy comes in the shape of a cute dancing duck available in three different colors – perfect for parties!

Other new additions include the Vidal Chicken Feet Sweet Tub which is packed with shiny, eye-catching candies in the shape of chicken feet and the Sweet Bandit Ooze Tubes, bursting with sour candies in a variety of flavors such as cherry, blue raspberry and the watermelon.

Those looking for a great gift option should consider the Bonds Sweet Sprinkles 6 Jar Gift Set which consists of six mini jars filled with popular sweets – perfect for sweets lovers. Candies include mini pink and white mallows, milk chocolate jazzies, mini jelly frogs, bubbly watermelons, white mice and mini mallows.

Crazy Candy Factory is putting its two most popular flavors head to head with its new Blue Razz vs Strawberry Froot Pastillez. These sour gummies are also great for parties and make a great pocket treat.

In addition to Kingsway Fizzy Rolls, Hancocks Marshmallow Cupcakes are also great for parties and events. The vanilla flavored treats come in mini pink and white cupcakes that look great as part of a tasty pick n mix display.

Other new products now available from Hancocks are the Zed Candy Blue Razz & Cherry Mega Sour Gum rope.

Hancocks also exclusively stocks Haribo Sour Sparks which are available in the 2.75kg bulk pick and mix format.

Chris Smith, Marketing Communications Manager at Hancocks, said: “We love being able to provide our customers with new and exciting products and many of these new ones are packed with amazing sour flavours.

“It’s great to be able to give retailers the ability to constantly offer their customers exciting new treats to keep them coming back.

“We are really excited for people to try the new Giant Vimto cables, they are sure to be a very popular product and they are packed with that Vimto flavor that everyone loves.

“Products like Kingsway Fizzy Rolls and Marshmallow Cupcakes are also must-haves – they’ll look great on pick and mix displays or individually!

“The Sweet Bandit Ooze Tubes are also another exciting product, their novelty factor is what makes them great sweets and we think they will be very popular among children.

Hancocks is the UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler with 14 cash and carry stores across the country and an online chain Customers can shop online 24/7 with home delivery or click and collect options.

Hancocks is the one stop shop for confectionery for over 25,000 independent retailers and is part of the World of Sweets group.