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Grafotronic launches two new products

Grafotronic, a supplier of digital finishing equipment, has announced the release of two new products. The ONE – a single anvil semi-rotary cutting module capable of an astonishing speed of 150m/minute and Grafotronic IQ.

Featuring no less than 4 high definition cameras, extensive automation features and control software, Grafotronic IQ is a workflow automation suite that enables the Grafotronic DCL Modular Finisher to perform job changes autonomously, automatically managing all the working parameters.

“We all want to be more efficient, increase productivity, reduce waste and everyone should be able to get the most out of our machine. Our latest innovation will. Grafotronic IQ is all about: no more manual lateral adjustments, no more manual damper sensor adjustments and no more individual operator dependence on setup times, waste and product quality,” says Mattias Malmquist, Vice President, Grafotronic

Grafotronic IQ works with a set of cameras that monitor the web and automatically adjust what is needed. All of this is done at the highest speed in the field of digital finishing. Even the sensors are automatically moved to the correct position without any manual interference.

Grafotronic IQ takes over all manual settings, and station-by-station is configured in a snap, Malmquist explains. “Reel changeover, flexo printing, semi-rotary die-cutting and slitting, all done and controlled with a tolerance of less than +/- 0.1mm. The operator only needs to change tools from our existing quick-change solutions , ” he says, adding, “and we calculate an average waste of up to two meters per roll change – so almost no waste, the shortest possible setup times and the best label quality automatically achieved.”

Grafotronic has also announced The ONE – a semi-rotary single-anvil cutting module capable of an astonishing speed of 150m/minute.

“Cutting is one of our strongest features and Grafotronic is a proud market leader in this segment. Our machines already run up to 110 m/min on our single anvil systems. We also invented the GIGAFAST. A system based on a dual anvil design, and it’s still the fastest system in the world,” says Malmquist. “We are very proud to introduce The ONE, the first single anvil system that will operate at speeds matching both anvils. And that’s with a tolerance of just +/- 0.1mm.”

The single anvil design is superior to double anvil systems when it comes to setup times and waste when switching jobs: the ONE can be setup in just 30cm and is designed to handle even the shortest runs in an effective way.

Grafotronic is in the last week of April and the first week of May, inviting customers around the world to join Grafotronic Digital Demo Days, a hybrid online and on-site, two-week open house event, in its facilities in Warsaw. More information can be found at