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GOOD HOPE – Good Hope City Council conducted the first reading on Monday evening of an ordinance setting a distance limit for new pharmacies, manufactured home sales lots and fireworks shops.

The ordinance would prohibit building a drugstore within 1,000 feet of an existing drugstore unless it is divided by a four-lane highway. The ordinance would also ban the construction of a manufactured home sales lot within 1.5 miles of an existing lot, or a fireworks store within 1.5 miles of a store. of existing fireworks.

Manufactured home lots and fireworks shops that are already located in the city are exempt from the ordinance as long as they retain their business license.

After reading the ordinance for the first time at Monday’s meeting, council will hear second reading and consider adopting the ordinance at its next meeting on September 13.

The city has already put in place similar ordinances that limit the distance to tattoo parlors and liquor stores in the city.

Good Hope Mayor Jerry Bartlett said the new ordinance was intended to protect existing businesses in the city from entry of similar businesses and hopefully encourage different types of businesses in the city.

He said the existing businesses included in the ordinance do a good job of bringing people into the city to spend money, but Good Hope is a small town that has a limited amount of commercial property, so having four lots. of manufactured homes and three fireworks stands should be enough for the city.

“We have 2,500 people and we have three fireworks booths and four mobile home lots,” he said. “We don’t need it anymore. We would like to have more diversity.

City planner Corey Harbison said the ordinance set a limit on permitted fireworks shops in the city, but was not intended to prevent city residents from buying fireworks or use them on their own property.

“It’s not in any way to stop someone from buying them and shooting them in their home,” he said. “This is not the intention.”

The council also passed a resolution asking Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall to determine which municipality is responsible for maintaining portions of County Road 469.

Cullman owns property on one side of the road and Good Hope owns several parcels of land within his city limits on the other side of the road. The city is therefore asking the attorney general to review state law and determine which city should be responsible for the parts of the road where Cullman is on one side and Good Hope on the other, Harbison said.

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