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Georgian Cannabis Industry Harsh Over New Products | New

ATLANTA (CBS46) – New products attract curious customers to ATLRx in Atlanta.

Management said they were trying to keep up with demand after they recently started selling cannabis compounds new to the market and new to Georgia.

“When we talk about the new buzz, they’re all called cannabinoids, so they’re different compounds from cannabis,” said store district manager Griffin Walter-Bailey.

Popular new products are known as THC-V, THC-O and HHC. You can buy THC-V and THC-O in the form of gum and vaping and HHC in the form of vaping. Eighteen year olds can buy anything from the store except vaping products. These are only sold to people 21 years of age and older.

“With THC-V, it’s more like the caffeine equivalent of cannabis,” Walter-Bailey explained. “One of our owners calls it weederall. I think that’s a good term for that.”

“THC-O is a bit heavy, it can be a bit cerebral at higher doses,” he explained.

Mike Lindenmayer stopped by the store for the first time to try some products, including THC-O.

“I’m a writer and I’ve heard it’s pretty good for creativity, so I’m going to sit down and try it out tonight,” he said.

As for another new product that is growing in popularity, Walter-Bailey said, “HHC is really similar to THC in terms of effects.”

“This one is more potent than the other products and is the closest product we sell to the traditional Delta-9,” he added.

Besides offering effects similar to medical marijuana, THC-O and HHC can also give you a legal high.

Walter-Bailey said all the products they sell are legal under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill.

“I called it a legal vacuum, but to be bluntly honest, I think we’ll see federal decriminalization before we see something like this go away,” he said.

New products do not come without some hiccups.

“Because we don’t have a lot of experience, it’s really a market that is wary of buyers because buyers can potentially cause big problems,” said Gaylord Lopez, executive director of the Georgia Poison Center.

“People don’t talk to healthcare professionals when they buy these kinds of products,” he said. “These products are not covered and have not been certified for safety by the FDA.”

The poison control center has received calls about side effects in adults and children who have accidentally ingested other compounds. Lopez therefore advises people to proceed with caution.

“If you want medical advice on a product that is essentially a drug, you have to seek it from a professional,” he said.

ATLRx sends clients home with information sheets on the correct dosage.

“We want everyone to be well prepared for what’s going to happen,” said Walter-Bailey. “I don’t want someone to have a candy and an hour later they’re freaking out.”

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