Merging company

Geodata, Collection and Analysis Company relaunches as “Field”

The Norwegian company formerly known as KVS Terratec has relaunched as Field. This new name reflects the merger of several entities to form a single total supplier and become one of the largest European geodata, collection and analysis companies.

AI-based sensors to capture high-quality data

Field’s story began in October last year, when tech company KVS Technologies bought Oslo-based Terratec. KVS Technologies began by inspecting the power grid using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) and provided drone services and software to large grid companies that previously used helicopters to inspect lines electrical. The company moved away from traditional data capture early on, and today its sensors use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize power lines and intelligently capture high-quality data about the infrastructure. Just before the merger with Terratec, KVS Technologies won a major contract with the American company Sprright, a subsidiary of Air Methods Corp, to launch its inspection technology and services in the North American electrical network market.

Terratec (including Blom, Foran AB and TerraPro) was one of the largest providers of geodata services in Europe, collecting ground and aerial data for use in mapping, modeling and other location-based data projects. The merger gave birth to the new KVS Terratec group with 300 employees. Since this acquisition, industrial investor DSD has joined the ownership team and the group has acquired Sevendof, a company specializing in the construction of long-range drone technology for industrial use.

Combining the strengths of KVS and Terratec with the other merged companies, Field is now uniquely positioned to emerge as a total provider of collection, analysis and digitization of everything in physical space.

Capture, process and visualize data in a meaningful way

Field is an ambitious, sustainability-focused technology company. It leverages geodata competence, proprietary software and geospatial technologies to provide clients with the data and information needed to build and sustain a better future. The company serves a wide range of clients in the infrastructure, construction, environmental and public sector sectors.

Driven by the need to build and maintain global infrastructure in a sustainable way, the company aims to empower modern society by transforming data into information and living digital twins. To achieve this, Field combines software, advanced sensors and autonomous technologies to capture, process and visualize data in a way the company describes as “meaningfully”.

“The field will create associations with growing in large areas and with large grasslands where it grows. Our solutions are greener, safer and smarter; we want to flag it with the name Field,” says Cato Vevatne, CEO of Field. It promises further growth for the company, both through the active recruitment of employees and the acquisition of technology companies that match Field’s product offering.

“Our solutions are greener, safer and smarter; we want to flag it with the name Field,” says Cato Vevatne, CEO of Field. (Photo: Sebastian Dahl)