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General Office Supply and Acadiana Office Products Merge, Company Leaves Offices in Downtown Lafayette | Business


The Lafayette General Office Supply and Acadiana Office Products office supply stores will merge again into one this month and have moved to 3045 W. Pinhook Road.

According to John Martin, vice president of General Office Supply and president of Acadiana Office Products, the two companies belonged to the same family, General Office Supply having been created by his grandfather in 1931 and Acadiana Office Products by a member of the family in 1983. when the company had three generations and had several owners in the same family.

With the merger, General Office Supply closed its long-standing home at 1003 Jefferson St. and moved into the Pinhook store, which takes it from an 8,000 square foot store to over 45,000 square feet with a more large showroom for office furniture.

“Acadiana Office Products was on Bertrand (Drive) in a 20,000 square foot facility for 15 years,” said Martin. “General Office Supply was in an 8,000 square foot location. Both were running out of space. There were two inventories and a lot of layoffs we were facing, so we decided six years ago to build this location and start the process of merging the two companies. “

General Office Supply will still have a presence downtown, he noted, as the owners finalize the move and merger over the next two weeks. They want to keep customers informed and make the transition as smooth as possible, and the fourth-generation company will be named General Office Supply.

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They also moved their employees to the new location, bringing their total workforce to around 50.

The company’s three stores outside of Lafayette will not merge and will keep their different names and logos. Lake Charles Office Supply in Lake Charles, Vermilion Office Supply in Abbeville, and Office Mart in New Iberia will remain.

“No one goes bankrupt,” he said. “Nothing really changes when it comes to serving our customers. I think this decision will make us stronger and give us better purchasing power with a direct model instead of going through a wholesaler. We plan to serve Acadiana for another 88 years. this is a good thing.”

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Merger of General Office Supply and Acadiana Office Products, the company leaves its offices in downtown Lafayette

The Lafayette General Office Supply and Acadiana Office Products office supply stores will merge again into one this month and have grown to 3,045 W.

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