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Former president becomes president of the Ethiopia House of Federation – new business Ethiopia

Former President of the Amhara region, Agegnehu Teshager, was today elected Speaker of the House of Federation of Ethiopia’s new government. He is elected today without opposition.

Mr. Agegnehu will be president of the House of Federation for the next five years. Today, he is appointed by the president of the South region Ristu Yirdaw and seconded by Shimelis Abdissa from the Oromia region.

Today Ethiopia established a new government based on the results of the general election last June, where the Prosperity Party won the majority of votes to lead Ethiopia’s 110 million plus people. . Agegnehu Teshager was also chairman of the Amhara Prosperity Party.

During today’s inaugural meeting, Zara Ahmed Ali from Afar region is also elected Deputy Speaker of the Ethiopia House of Federation. The Ethiopia House of Federation is represented by 76 ethnic groups and tribes present in Ethiopia.

Today, at the opening of the meeting, the Ethiopia House of Federation elected three members of the House of Federation – from Amhara, Oromia and South regions, who have training in right and are elected to serve as members of the constitutional interpretation assembly.

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