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Fleet launches its first new products since its acquisition by Starling

Fleet Mortgages has launched a range of new rental products for the first time since it was acquired by Starling Bank in late July.

In the lender’s standard lineup, this launch includes, at 65% LTV, a two-year fix at 2.59% and a five-year fix at 2.99% and, at 75% LTV, a two-year fix at 2.99%. years at 2.69% and a fixed year at 3.09%.

For public limited companies or limited liability companies, at 65% LTV, two-year fixed rates start at 2.79% and five-year fixed rates start at 2.99% while at 75% LTV, borrowers can choose a two-year fixed rate of 2.89% and a five-year rate. fixed year at 3.09%.

For the two categories above, follow-up rates start at 3.09% and 3.19% for LTV products at 65% and 75%, respectively.

And in multi-occupancy or multi-block homes, at 65% LTV, two-year patches start at 3.09% and five-year patches start at 3.35%, and at 75% LTV the patches start at 3.09% and five-year patches start at 3.35%. two years start at 3.19%. and five-year fixed rates at 3.44%.

Here, the trackers start at 3.39% and 3.49%.

Fleet Commercial Director Steve Cox said: “At the time of the acquisition we explained how this new partnership would allow Fleet to offer highly competitive products and this new line is the first fruit of this partnership.

“We have been successful in reducing prices across the range and believe these products will appeal to advisors and their owner clients, whether they are looking to buy or refinance. “

In September, Fleet Mortgages Managing Director Bob Young and Starling Bank Managing Director Anne Boden spoke to Mortgage strategy to discuss the acquisition.

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