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Five exciting new products from CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, held in Las Vegas, last week attracted 2,300 exhibiting companies from around the world, including more than 800 startups. They unveiled innovative products in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), automotive technology, digital health, smart home and more.

Here are five that stole the show:

Speed ​​up the plow

The John Deere 8R autonomous tractor is expected to go on sale later this year. According to the company, the tractor has six pairs of stereo cameras, allowing 360-degree obstacle retention and distance calculation. The images pass through a neural network which determines whether the machine stops or continues to operate. It can prepare over 325 acres of soil in 24 hours, without the need for a driver.

He promises to make farmers twice as productive. Rather than trying to cope with the physical burden of driving, they can focus their energy on other farming tasks, while keeping an eye on their tractors via mobile devices. Jahmy Hindman, chief technology officer at John Deere, told the CES conference: “If you visit a farm, you will see as much technology in the field as in Silicon Valley.

What to cook?

Korean food tech startup Beyond Honeycomb has created an AI-driven food processor that can mimic the texture and taste of gourmet dishes using food sensors during the cooking process. The goal is to democratize the kitchen so that more people can access tasty dishes created by the best chefs in the world. “Today, many commercial kitchens face labor shortages and highly skilled chefs are limited to serving at one location at a time,” he said. “We are reshaping commercial kitchens to create a digital platform. With a digitized set of chef skills and taste data, the platform serves casual but premium daily meals like sandwiches, burgers, grills and salads, at low prices.

Flying car

At CES, Japanese aerodynamic technology startup SkyDrive launched its ultra-light and compact emissions-free electric flying vehicle, the Model SD-03. It is designed to take off and land vertically “with exceptional stability”. The SD-05 model is currently under development and is expected to be used as an air taxi. SkyDrive COO Takehiro Sato said: “What we want to see in the future are SkyDrive vehicles taking off and landing in your parking lots and helipads on top of buildings, doing air transport. door to door a realistic choice of daily urban transport. “

Opportunity shots

Masonite International [DOOR] unveiled an M-Pwr smart door. The exterior door has a built-in video doorbell, Yale smart lock, and motion-sensing LED welcome lighting. You can also use a smartphone app to check if the door is open or closed, and lock or unlock it with a single touch wherever you are. Open Sesame!

Invisible earphones

Israeli company Noveto has launched the N1, a smart audio device using its Smart Beaming technology, which sends ultrasound silently through the air until it reaches only you and your ears. According to the company, it’s like “having invisible headphones. Standing in front of the N1 smart speaker, sound hits you, magically radiated just outside your left and right ears. The N1 is a single, compact desktop device, and you don’t carry any additional hardware devices, headphones, or wires. For the others next to you, the experience is also magical, as they only hear a whisper and you can still talk to each other without being isolated by obstructive headphones. Sounds like a great device for listening to music in shared offices or for playing sports late at night in bed while your partner is sleeping next to you.

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