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Fend announces new products that physically block cyberattacks on critical infrastructure.

Fend’s data diodes physically prevent cyberattacks from reaching critical infrastructure.

Fend Incorporated today announced the launch of its new line of unidirectional communication diodes, the Fend 5 Series diodes.

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, March 15, 2022 / — Fend Incorporated today announced the launch of its new line of unidirectional communication diodes, the Fend 5 Series diodes. These new devices represent a evolution of its award-winning patented technology used by customers today in energy, manufacturing, marine and water treatment.

“The threat of cyber attack on critical infrastructure is greater than ever. We’re proud to manufacture our hardware in the USA for the protection of those systems that make modern life possible,” said Colin Dunn, CEO of Fend. Since the attack on Colonial Pipeline, the impact of industrial cyberattacks on daily life has become more apparent, and as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, overrun attacks are likely to hit industrial targets everywhere. in the world. Fend’s data diode hardware uses physically reinforced unidirectional optical isolation to ensure that data from power plants, water utilities and transportation systems gets into the hands of operators and maintenance crews without allowing malicious signals in this infrastructure.

Fend’s data diode material is used today by customers protecting assets in the marine, energy, government, water treatment and manufacturing industries. These customers trust Fend to deliver the industrial performance data they need without the constant expense of patches or software licenses. The company’s new product line offers the same physical barrier against cyberattacks combined with higher data transfer speeds, expanding the set of use cases to include data backups and cross-domain file transfers . Fend products are designed and manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide for the protection of critical infrastructure and networks.

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Fend is an industrial cybersecurity company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Fend physically protects connected devices against cyberattacks and ransomware. Fend brings to the masses levels of security once reserved for nuclear power plants with vastly improved usability and at a fraction of the cost of previous generation technologies. To learn more about Fend unidirectional communication diodes, visit

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