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Fawn & Co set to expand retail arm with new products and range

Fawn & Co was founded in July 2019 by Hann Chia, a former investment banker and Formula Botanica graduate. The company is behind Fawn Labs, a beauty education arm that runs clean beauty workshops.

The workshops take place in its own laboratory premises where members – known as the Fawnlings – can return when they enjoy creating their own products.

In 2020, Fawn Labs was hampered by COVID-19 restrictions, which prompted Chia to launch a retail arm to help the company through the pandemic. The brand’s first product was a do-it-yourself clay mask.

Chia told us that her intention was never to develop a retail line. However, the response to her products has been so overwhelming that in 2021 she decided to diversify the line with two lines and added two products to her line: an oil-milk double cleanser and a skin essence.

“Two years ago, we launched the clay mask and cultivated a regular clientele. Since then, they have been asking for new products,”​Chia told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

According to her, sales of her DIY clay mask alone have increased by around 300% compared to the previous year. She added that the company is excited about its new products and the potential for its retail arm.

“Our double cleanser is our new flagship product, there is huge momentum for it,”Chia said. In the brand’s last pop-up at the local Boutique Fairs trade event, the brand sold twice as much of its double cleanser as any of its other products.

The company is set to expand the line further and plans to release one or two additional products approximately every six months.

The company was coy about the details of its new product launch pipeline, but told us it was working on researching and developing single-ingredient serums.

“What I notice is that when we simplify the products, people understand them better. I want to remove it so people only use what they really need and don’t complicate something that can be very simple,”Chia said.

In addition to the new products, the company is also set to create a separate line targeting a distinct demographic.
At the moment, the company is selling the products at retail through the pop-up events it was able to organize. He also takes orders via Instagram and Facebook.

In the next three to five months, it will also be available on its new website. Additionally, the company said it was looking for resellers.

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, Fawn & Co expects demand for workshops to pick up. At the same time, Chia told us the company will continue to grow its retail line, which regularly attracts a steady stream of loyal customers.

“With retail, I think we have to deal directly with consumers, which has been a bit difficult over the last two years because events were hard to come by and even if there were events, they were very controlled. So I think now the retail side can only grow from here because we’re going to do more events​.”