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Enjin and Square Enix Partnership Develops Final Fantasy VII NFTs

Enjin, the leading non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, has officially announced its partnership with video game company Square Enix.

Together, the two will develop a digital collection of Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary cards and figures available on Enjin’s Efinity Network.

The physical collectible is slated to launch in 2023, but consumers can pre-order the commemorative action figure at the Square Enix Store. The luxury physical product will include a code that can be redeemed for the digital collectibles.


Witek Radomsky, Enjin CTO and co-founder, had this to say about the partnership:

“We are thrilled to partner with Square Enix on such an iconic franchise. Final Fantasy has had a lasting imprint in video gaming since its inception, and we are honored to work with them to bring these characters to life in the digital world.

Radomsky also commented on the impact of the partnership on the gaming and cryptocurrency sectors:

“This partnership opens up a whole new world of digital collectibles that can be used in games. Final Fantasy fans will be able to experience NFTs without even realizing they’re on the blockchain.

He added:

“For the crypto industry, this draws more mainstream attention to the power and potential of NFTs,” he added. “Enjin can potentially spearhead the next chapter in blockchain entertainment growth, fusing both creativity and curiosity.”

What this partnership means for Square Enix

This partnership is not a one-way street, as it offers many advantages for Square Enix. Not only does the gaming giant have access to Enjin’s powerful NFT technology, but it can also tap into the Enjin ecosystem of over 20 million gamers.

The ease of integration of Enjin’s NFT product stack will also ensure complete freedom in the creation process, giving game designers and artists the ability to create without worrying about technicalities and limitations.

Additionally, the partnership gives Square Enix a way to monetize its popular franchises in a whole new way.

This partnership is a major milestone for Enjin and will bring more interest in the growing popularity and widespread adoption of NFTs.


As more companies explore the potential of this technology, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting applications of NFTs in the future.

Enjin Overview

Enjin is a blockchain company that develops tools and services for games, businesses, and individuals to easily create, manage, store, trade, and distribute NFTs. It also has its gaming token, ENJ, which is used to power the Enjin ecosystem.

Enjin Efinity Network

Efinity is a cross-chain decentralized network designed for NFTs.

It’s built on Polkadot, which allows for near-instant transactions and low fees. Additionally, Efinity is scalable, which means it can handle many transactions without clogging the network.

Introducing Square Enix

Square Enix is ​​a Japanese video game developer and publisher best known for its role-playing games (RPGs). Its most popular franchises include Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts.

The company owns several popular game development studios, such as Eidos Interactive and Crystal Dynamics. Square Enix is ​​the result of the merger between Square and Enix, two of Japan’s most successful RPG developers.

Gaming NFTs on the Rise

The partnership between Enjin and Square Enix is ​​just one of many examples of the growing trend of NFT games. Over the past year, we’ve seen several big names in the gaming industry get involved in NFTs, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, and NBA Top Shot.


With the help of Enjin and other leading NFT platforms, we can expect to see even more gaming NFTs on the scene.