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Dorman launches over 500 new products for June

Dorman Products, Inc. announced the release of more than 500 new auto parts, including more than 100 new replacement parts that it says advance the company’s mission of empowering repair professionals and vehicle owners greater freedom to repair a wide range of cars and trucks, providing aftermarket choices for common failures on millions of vehicles. This month’s releases include two new Dorman OE FIX solutions featuring improved designs that increase reliability, the company says.

Early aftermarket releases this month also include two new Dorman OE FIX solutions featuring improved designs that increase reliability. New solutions this month include an upgraded aluminum engine oil filter housing with oil cooler and filter (926-959) designed to replace an original equipment housing known to have a high failure rate over more than 9.4 million Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler and Volkswagen vehicles. equipped with Pentastar V6 engines. The factory oil filter adapter can leak when its plastic housing deforms due to harsh underhood conditions. As plastic degrades from heat and exposure to chemicals, cracks can form even by simply tightening the oil filter cap during oil changes. Simply replacing a faulty original housing with the factory version may cause the same deterioration and leaks to return. The new DormanOE FIX enclosure is designed as a more permanent solution and is made entirely of aluminum to help prevent material degradation and warping that causes the original design to fail. It bolts to the engine like the plastic original, but retains its dimensional stability to help ensure much greater durability and reliable, leak-free service, the company says.

A new OE FIX turbo coolant line kit (926-187) is also being introduced this month and includes everything needed to service the turbocharger coolant lines. The original coolant line on millions of Ford Transit, F-150 and Lincoln vehicles equipped with 3.5L V6 engines often rusts and leaks at the junction point where it meets the quick disconnect fittings. The resulting loss of coolant can lead to engine damage, and replacing it with an OEM coolant line could lead to the same costly problem in the future. Components in this new kit are designed to match Original Equipment fit and function, including corrosion-resistant stainless steel supply and return lines, connectors, and a gasket. turbo assembly for a thorough repair, the company says.

Dorman says other highlights from this month’s new product announcement include:

  • 22 aftermarket exclusive suspension leaf springs for a wide range of Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Jeep and Nissan vehicles, extending Dorman’s coverage into light, medium and heavy duty leaf springs and part of an expansion fast in this category of parts
  • 11 new door lock actuators, including two aftermarket-exclusive actuators designed to fit over 7.3 million GM cars, trucks and SUVs (937-925 and 937-927).
  • 5 wiper and motor assemblies designed to replace the original equipment wiper assemblies on over 4 million popular GM, Ford and Toyota vehicles.
  • 3 aftermarket-exclusive transmission oil cooler lines designed to replace the original equipment lines of Ram, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, extending industry-leading aftermarket coverage in this part category that already includes more than 400 products in the Dorman catalog.

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