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Dorman introduces 200 new products, including 100

COLMAR, Pa., Sept. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dorman Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: DORM) today announced the release of more than 200 new automotive parts, half of which are exclusive to the aftermarket. The new products join an ever-expanding catalog of more than 118,000 aftermarket solutions that advance the company’s mission of giving repair professionals and owners greater freedom to repair a wide range of passenger vehicles. and utility vehicles equipped with internal combustion, hybrid and electric powertrains.

New products introduced this month include more Dorman® OE FIX™ parts, adding to the company’s roster of thousands of unique OE FIX repair solutions designed to help save time, save money or increase reliability. The FIX OE introduced this month is a new set of engine heater hoses, solidifying Dorman’s position as the premier aftermarket heater hose supplier with coverage for millions of vehicles on the road today. . This latest addition to the company’s full line (626-335) offers a more durable aluminum T-connector in place of the leak-prone plastic connector used in the original equipment hose design on hundreds of thousands of Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. It comes complete with the protective sheath, clamps and routing bracket designed to match the fit and shape of the Original Equipment.

Technicians, detailers and do-it-yourselfers can increasingly turn to Dorman as a source for convenient and quick hub bolt sets. This month, four new aftermarket exclusive kits containing prepackaged assortments of these bolts are introduced. Two hub rotor and caliper bracket bolt kits (966-002 and 966-003), designed to fit almost one million Ford Transit vans, contain all single-use bolts that need to be replaced during each brake service. . In addition, two sets of hub and bearing mounting bolts (926-171 and 926-172) are being released, designed to fit over 3 million Chrysler, Dodge and Ram trucks and SUVs. All of the corrosion resistant carbon steel bolts in these sets are designed to match the original equipment bolt design to provide specified clamping force.

Three new engine air intake hoses designed as a direct replacement for the factory hoses are introduced this month and, as with all Dorman hoses, are made from top quality materials to ensure long life . The new hoses (696-417, 696-409 and 696-450) are designed to fit a combined 2 million General Motors and Ford vehicles on the road today.

Other highlights of this month’s new product announcement include:

  • Four new wiper transmission and motor assemblies, extending Dorman’s coverage leadership in a category with hundreds of assemblies covering millions of vehicle applications. These solutions include both the wiper motor and transmission and linkage in one unit, as replacing the entire assembly in one job reduces labor time and ensures accurate reassembly. The four new products cover a mix of 5 million Ford (602-306AS and 602-040AS), Jeep (602-105AS) and General Motors (602-221AS) vehicles in service today.
  • An aftermarket exclusive valve cover kit (264-939) designed to match Original Equipment fit and function on 7 million Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram models.
  • An aftermarket exclusive third brake light assembly (923-127) designed to replace a broken or defective factory light while reusing the existing rear-facing camera on 300,000 2019-2018 Ford Transit Vans.
  • An aftermarket exclusive axle shaft replacement kit (630-011) and right inner intermediate axle shaft (630-457) designed to match the fit and function of the original axle shafts. factory on a combined total of more than 3.5 million Ram 1500 and Ram 1500 classic trucks.
  • Additional new replacement parts designed for heavy-duty trucks, reflecting Dorman’s rapidly growing line of HD solutions for above and below frame repairs. New products include two aftermarket-exclusive pressurized coolant reservoirs: 603-5144, designed for select 2007-05 International 8600 SBA trucks with Caterpillar engines, and 603-5124, designed for select 2019-17 International LT625 trucks with Cummins engines specified.

These are just a few of the 200 new products introduced by Dorman this month. To sign up and receive all of Dorman’s new product announcements directly each month, visit To learn more about Dorman, follow the Dorman Virtual Tour at

Note: The Vehicles In Service (VIO) information contained in this press release is based on Dorman’s analysis of third party reports.


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