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Donald and Ellie Knauss Offer US $ 50 Million for New Business Training Center

The University of San Diego On Friday, he announced that he had received a donation of $ 50 million from the chairman of the board of directors of the USD, Donald Knauss, and his wife, Ellie, to build the Knauss Center for Business Education and to name The Knauss School of Business.

The donation from the former CEO of Clorox is one of the largest in USD history.

“This is our investment in developing ethical and compassionate business leaders – leaders who enable a free enterprise system that builds wealth on a level playing field,” Knauss said. “Without wealth creation, no society can take care of its most vulnerable, raise the standard of living of its citizens or make the investments necessary to preserve this planet for future generations.”

The Knauss Center for Business Education is slated to open in fall 2022. The new 120,000 square foot building – along with the renovated Olin Hall – will create an incredible complex that will more than triple the size of the Knauss School of Business, ” , we read in a press release from the university.

Planned facets of the building include the Free Enterprise Suite to help seed student startups, the Student Success Center, a production studio, a “financial lab” and a theater.

“We believe that ethical and compassionate leadership in business or other fields is arguably the most powerful force in society,” said SHU President James T. Harris III. “At USD, we believe that a values-based education, coupled with a commitment to free enterprise, empowers us to realize our vision to care for and protect society for future generations.”

Don and Ellie Knauss are parents of four children, including a 2011 USD graduate.

City News Service contributed to this article.

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