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Do you have student loans? You will love what President Biden is doing

The average student loan debt exceeds $30,000 and there could be some kind of relief on the horizon for those struggling to repay their federal loans.

In a new report, President Joe Biden works to reduce or eliminate federal student loans up to $10,000 for those who qualify.

The latest student loan forgiveness news shows Biden has forgiven $415 million in student loans for an additional 16,000 student borrowers. Biden has now forgiven nearly $15.5 billion in student loans, which is the most of any president.

This is great news as we are seemingly emerging from the pandemic that has plagued the local and global economy for the past two years. For those who are recent graduates and have started a family, this can be huge news not just in the short term from month to month, but in the long term for those trying to get loans. Large outstanding debts such as student loans can impact an individual’s credit. Getting the big loan canceled by the federal government would be a major financial victory.

While some are feeling the benefits now, there is pressure to eliminate outstanding loans altogether.


This is so exciting! One of Western New York’s most popular villages is back on the big screen. East Aurora has a great tradition of being a quaint yet progressive village and has once again caught the eye of film producers.

Our family happened to be shopping at Vidler in East Aurora over the weekend and came across film crews and actors in action on Main Street. The world famous Five Hundred was the backdrop for the new film which will premiere during the holiday season this year.

According to Don Vidler:

The film’s working title is “Romance on Ice,” but it will no doubt be changed to something more Christmassy when it airs on TV. What is planned for this holiday period (2022). Not sure which network, but could be Hallmark or Lifetime.

The new film is directed by Fred Olin Ray who has already directed four films in East Aurora: A Prince for Christmas (2015); A Christmas in Vermont (2016); A Christmas Princess (2019); A Royal Christmas Engagement (2020)

New movie being filmed in East Aurora

Don Vidler also shared that the main cast are: Jonathan Stoddard (the prince!), Anna Marie Dobbins (the little town girl he falls in love with), Chris Collins (the hometown honey who loses his daughter) and Chris is originally from Clarence.

The weather was perfect last weekend for that. It was really cold but the key to the weather was the fresh snow we had just received. East Aurora Vidler looked great and I can only imagine how beautiful they will be once the movie is done.

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