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Desktop Mod Maker SnapCab to Launch New Products at NeoCon to Help Return to Work Safely

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KINGSTON, ON, September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SnapCab To Launch Several New Innovative Architectural Desktop Products At that of Chicago NeoCon®, October 4-6, 2021, offering safe and flexible solutions to return to the office.

Meet 2 Home Office Pod (CNW Group / SnapCab)

Before the pandemic, SnapCab Workspace mainly offered meeting modules for up to four to six people. Once the pandemic hit, SnapCab was able to quickly develop new products to meet new office needs thanks to its design flexibility.

SnapCab Work and Work +
The SnapCab Work and Work + provide optimal work experiences for open office environments. Employees can concentrate in a peaceful space while remaining visibly connected to their team. These pods use a top-to-bottom airflow exchange, drawing cool air through ceiling fans and exiting through vents on the floor. This gives users a cool environment with the cleanest airflow, fully exchanging every 90 seconds.

These models provide a quiet space to focus on a project, take a call, or hold a virtual meeting without disrupting the rest of the office. They take up less space than individual offices and offer the ability to modify a floor plan. Wall panels and furniture can be ordered in any color and material, and the height-adjustable table can be used as a standing or seated workspace.

Consult SnapCab
The Consult SnapCab enables secure face-to-face consultation and collaboration. It is a mobile nacelle divided into two smaller rooms separated by a glass partition. With air ventilation at the head, each side of the capsule is fitted with a dedicated HEPA filter. Sound-absorbing exterior glass doors provide audio privacy and prevent annoying noise.

SnapCab Meet 2
Designed for productivity, the SnapCab Meet 2 is a quiet sanctuary for those who work from home. Being smaller than our other desktop modules, the SnapCab Meet 2 is designed to fit comfortably into a home. A quiet ceiling fan ensures continuous circulation of fresh air. The finishes, furniture and accessories are all customizable.

The Meet 2 is seismic certified, UL listed, and easy to clean. In fact, everything SnapCab Workspace products are. All pods can be mobile with heavy-duty casters or without a floor for wheelchair accessibility, and they are compatible with SnapCab connects walls to transform any workplace.

“We are excited to introduce architects and designers to our new products which can help them create and recreate workspaces that help people return to work safely,” says Glenn bostock, Founder and CEO of SnapCab. “SnapCab Workspace products give those reworking open spaces so many flexible options that give people the quiet space they need to concentrate, while providing the open space they need to collaborate securely.” .

“One of the best features of SnapCab Workspace modules is that they can be updated at any time,” he adds. “Simply swap out panels, furniture or accessories to create a whole new space for any workspace need. “

For the past fifty years, NeoCon has been the flagship event of the commercial design industry. Over 700 exhibitors will present new products and services relevant to the workplace, education, public spaces, healthcare and more. The future of work will be a popular theme this year.

About SnapCab
Since 1983, SnapCab has been a leader in the development of workplace and elevator car interior privacy solutions that are flexible, high quality, and safe to use in a variety of environments. SnapCab Workspace offers a flexible kit of parts designed with customizable frame, panels, finishes, colors, furniture, accessories and more. These insulated pods for the open office are mobile, easy to clean, and can be combined with SnapCab Connects walls to transform any workplace.

SnapCab Consult (CNW Group / SnapCab)

SnapCab Consult (CNW Group / SnapCab)

SnapCab Work and Work + (CNW Group / SnapCab)

SnapCab Work and Work + (CNW Group / SnapCab)

SnapCab logo (CNW Group / SnapCab)

SnapCab logo (CNW Group / SnapCab)



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