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Definition of a PrimeXample: Barber didn’t let the pandemic stop new business | Local News

VALDOSTA – In a time of increasingly unstable economy, especially in the hair care industry, opening a new hair salon seems like a daunting undertaking.

However, longtime Valdosta resident Robert Debro was up for the challenge.

Debro opened its own boutique, PrimeXample Barbershop at 3403 Bemiss Road Suite C, in July 2020, in an effort to fill a void left as a result of COVID-19.

“I originally worked at another store the year before. Then, as you already know, COVID happened,” Debro said. “After everything seemed to stabilize, I realized that I didn’t just want to be part of the workforce. I wanted to run my own shop and also have something to leave to my children. As I saw it, it was my only choice. What if we had another stop? I need to work.”

Debro is the only barber in the store, in part due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, he hires barbers and hairstylists to help fill his growing list of services, including but not limited to regular haircuts, facial massages, hair coloring, and blowouts.

“I currently have six places to fill. I plan to turn the second half of the shop into a hair salon and a place to eventually do your makeup. I just need people to reach out to me,” he said earlier this month.

Debro said he always saw himself as a mentor to his peers as well as young people and wanted to set a good example by giving birth to the name PrimeXample.

“Starting a new business isn’t easy under normal circumstances, but opening a hair salon in the midst of a pandemic where we’re supposed to keep our distance is a whole different ball game,” he added.

“So I hope those in the community seeing me do this and seeing me thrive against all odds feel inspired.”

Debro does not intend to stop there.

Due to the success of his stand-alone operation (averaging 15-20 heads a day), he plans to open a second location on the west side of town once he expands into the barber shop.

“I’ve always wanted to have multiple locations and give some of these talented people space to work and do their thing. Going across town and covering all the bases seems like a great way to do that,” he said. .

Debro is only accepting appointments to comply with county recommendations, but he has made masks optional.

To schedule an appointment, visit or call (229) 488-8648.