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Currey & Company showcases new products for the post-Covid world at High Point Market

As we move beyond the Covid era, Currey & Company is taking a fresh look at our lives and the things around us. Award-winning designer, Hiroshi Koshitaka, recently shared with the company’s design team a Japanese word – Saisei. Its meaning is multiple. Renew, restore, repel and reborn are some translations from Japanese. Recognizing the importance of the Saisei concept and the way we live our lives today, Currey & Company launches new product launches during April’s High Point Market with a distinct Japanese influence.

Mr. Koshitaka has been designing products for Currey & Company for over twenty years. He is a self-taught designer with decades of experience in architectural installations and product design. Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship, he designed two natural rattan light fixtures that evoke the ideal of the Renaissance. The Sai sei Grande is made of hand-woven rattan on a wrought iron frame. The otherworldly shape of this oversized wonder was inspired by outer space – the galaxies of the universe reveal themselves!

Underwater regeneration is the theme of the Senjyo rattan pendant. The Japanese word senjyo actually means to bathe or wash oneself with water. The Bluebonnet and Bleuet blue finishes are applied by hand and remain true to Koshitaka’s fascination with the shades of blue found in vintage indigo-dyed textiles.

New additions to the Barry Goralnick collection include the Koji Nightstand and Koji Credenza. Both models have a serene presence with their curved sides and legs that mimic the calligraphy shapes found in Japanese characters.

The drawers and top are covered in cream faux stingray which is framed in oyster gray finished beech wood. The square edge brass pull handles have a brushed brass finish that adds rich character to the nightstand and credenza. Barry Goralnick is an award-winning designer and architect whose collection includes lighting and furniture.

For Aviva Stanoff, her story begins with childhood summers spent tending to flowers and other chores around her grandfather’s Buddhist temple in Japan. Her love of nature was cemented where she grew up in a small California town nestled between old redwoods and the beach. A new addition to the Aviva Stanoff collection pays homage to the natural world as filtered through the enduring style of the Japanese. The Queenbee Palm Ring Chandelier reflects the graceful movement of palm fronds blowing in the wind. The fronds, finished in contemporary gold leaf, wrap delicately around the chandelier’s circular frame. Stanoff says the design was inspired by places associated with calm, resetting and recharging: beach, ocean, tropical locations.

“When I see these beautiful palm trees and their fronds rustling in the wind, it reminds me that there is grace in resting, going with the flow and letting the wind carry you until you settle down. ” Aviva Stanoff has been designing Zen aesthetic furniture and lighting for Currey & Company since 2106 .

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