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Conversations Continue Around Cold Spring City Hall Space Needs

COLD SPRING — Conversations continue in Cold Spring about what to do with space issues within City Hall.

The discussions started several years ago, because several departments had to share the same building for decades, and this strategy is no longer effective.

Municipal administrator Brigitte Murphy says conversations have been circulating around building a new public safety facility or renovating City Hall.

How big should our police department be, how big should our library be, how much space would city hall need. Our committee has therefore tried to find numbers that will be sufficient for current needs, future growth and financially responsible.

Murphy says the city has land next to Pilgrim’s Pride and has inquired about a site near Alexander Park.

She says one of the main sticking points in their conversations is deciding which departments should be paired up and where the building should go.

Maybe that means the police and the fire station should be in the same building, or the library and the fire department, or the city hall and the police department. We just haven’t locked in which department should go where and with whom.

Murphy says that in a perfect world, the city would build a new building and renovate the current city hall building to help meet its space needs.

The city building committee plans to meet with the architect to provide design information for potential facilities.

Murphy says the plan would be for the architect to attend the May 31 council meeting to provide council with direction.

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