New products

Companies announce new products ahead of AACC 2022

Among them, OraSure Technologies said its Omnigene Gut DNA and RNA product is available for gut microbiome researchers. The product, manufactured by OraSure subsidiary DNA Genotek, enables the self-collection, stabilization, storage and transport of microbial DNA and RNA at room temperature for gut microbiome profiling.

Meanwhile, Sysmex is launching the AutoSorter XN specifically to support its XN Series hematology line. AutoSorter XN is a robotic platform for pre- and post-analytical sample processing in demanding laboratory environments, the company said.

The platform is designed specifically for the needs of high-volume commercial labs, such as bulk loading and high-speed sample sorting. The AutoSorter XN is capable of loading and unloading a fully equipped XN-9100 line at full capacity, processing up to 1,100 samples per hour, Sysmex added.

Additionally, Yaskawa Motoman announced the launch of the AutoSorter 1200, a high-speed sorting instrument for pre- and post-analytical sample processing that can process up to 1,200 tubes per hour. A large sorting deck area helps extend walk times and expands deck configuration options, while the smaller footprint saves floor space in the lab, the company noted. .

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