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Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bars, Less Sweet Vanilla Greek Yogurt Bars, and Vanilla Almond Yogurt Granola and Parfait Bars

The three new varieties of bars combine the benefits of pure, filtered whole milk Greek yogurt – which is high in protein and probiotics – with Clio’s signature irresistible cheesecake-like texture and decadent chocolate or almond butter coating. Plus, all three bars are certified gluten-free, and the less sweet vanilla Greek yogurt bars are keto-friendly. Details include:

  • Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bars – An indulgence like no other, made with chocolate Greek yogurt and a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate coating. Each serving contains eight grams of protein and only 150 calories.
  • Less Sweet Vanilla Greek Yogurt Bars – These hand chilled bars are made from vanilla Greek yogurt and taste like an indulgent dessert, but contain only 100 calories and 1g of sugar. A truly enjoyable guilt-free treat.
  • Yogurt Parfait Bars with Vanilla Almond Granola – These delicious bars are made with a crunchy layer of cranberry-almond granola and a decadent coating of almond butter. With this innovative new bar, Clio transforms the everyday parfait into a delicious, ready-to-use chilled bar, perfect for a filling snack or breakfast. With an explosion of taste and texture in every bite, each bar contains 210 calories and 10g of protein.

“We are excited to introduce three innovative snack solutions to our growing portfolio of portable Greek yogurt bars,” said John McGuckin, CEO of Clio Snacks. “The snacking trend has emerged as a progressive and dynamic force within refrigerated CPGs, and our goal is to provide delicious solutions that deliver on the promise of guilt-free enjoyment. With the nutritional profile of Greek yogurt, these new bars are the perfect choice for everyone. From crunchy parfaits for breakfast to afternoon cravings to low sugar options, Clio’s portfolio is a hand-munching sensation anytime, anywhere…no spoons allowed.”

In March, Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bars will be available at Kroger (alongside Vanilla Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bars) and Whole Foods Market with an SRP of $1.49 per bar, the Less Sweet Vanilla Greek Yogurt Bars will be available in Whole Foods Market and Albertsons with an SRP of $1.99 per bar, and Vanilla Almond Granola & Yogurt Parfait bars will be available on Whole Foods Market with an SRP of $2.49 per bar. These bars will also be available direct to consumers nationwide at in boxes of 10, for $18, $22 and $28 respectively.

Clio’s healthier snacks are available nationwide in yogurt aisles and chilled bars, including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Target, Vons, Albertsons, Sam’s Club, Costco and more, as well as online at

About Clio Snacks
Clio Snacks was founded in 2015 by Sergey Konchakovskiy, who created the first refrigerated Greek yogurt bars wrapped in chocolate after discovering a batch of leftover strained Greek yogurt that yielded a cheesecake-like snack. He soon realized that it was a great way to get his kids to eat yogurt – and even better when wrapped in chocolate! Today, Clio offers a line of Greek Yogurt Bars and Granola Yogurt Perfect Bars that combine the benefits of whole milk Greek yogurt – rich in protein and probiotics – with an irresistible cheesecake-like texture and chocolate coating decadent black. Available in grocery stores nationwide and online at, Clio confidently satisfies cravings with its portfolio of healthier snacks that taste like a treat. To learn more, please visit, instagram Where Facebook.

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