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Carlisle man hopes to give back to community with new business

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – A man from Carlisle is starting a new company that aims to innovate the trucking industry in the digital space.

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Dominic Ortiz II, 27, graduated from Carlisle High School in 2012 and held several brokerage jobs for several years. He entered the industry during an internship with a company in 2014. He appreciated the experience these jobs gave him, but he knew he would not be satisfied to work for a company, and he decided he preferred to create one. himself.

Months go by and ideas begin to germinate. “With the pandemic that strikes, everything has gone digital. I thought the industry would become more technologically advanced over time, so I decided to get ahead and start a new business, ”Ortiz said.

That’s when the basics of Conn3ct started. A new company that would seek to revolutionize the transport industry and empower drivers at the same time. It all started with a few sketches in his notebook. Hours and hours of research later, he started to bring the idea to fruition. “I knew I had to network to find the right partners for this business, so that’s exactly what I did,” Ortiz said. “At first I was reluctant, but I knew I had to get used to divulging my ideas to other people in order to find partners. “

It didn’t take long to find the people he still works with to this day. He tried to develop his ideas on his own with a development team, but after some advice he realized that was not the way to go. He met two business partners who would eventually become part of his team.

One of the partners already ran a trucking business himself. The contribution of an already established freight network therefore made it possible to relaunch the process, which would create opportunities for owner-operator drivers, that is to say they have their own vehicle to transport freight. This is just one of the many ways Ortiz believes he can give back to the community.

Returning to the community is one of the main priorities he holds for the company. “I always envisioned being able to have lasting effects on my family and my community,” Ortiz said. The scholarships are also in the books. “I want to help provide opportunities for children who cannot afford to take it to the next level so that they can advance their education and broaden their skills.

The story seems to have been easy for everyone, but Ortiz had to overcome obstacles to get there. “The most important thing I had to deal with was when I realized that the original business model I thought I could use wouldn’t actually work at all,” he said. “We [the team] had to go back to the drawing board to achieve a new way to be successful. Finding people who could give advice was also difficult, given that this was a new space and had no example to work from.

The basics are all laid and the team is now looking to the future. Ortiz is looking to become that entrepreneurial example he did not have when he started out, which will allow other people to live their ideas and advance into new industries, as he has been doing for a year and a half. . Asked about the advice he has given to others looking to pursue the same opportunities, he said that “business and life are the ultimate sports. Just like in sports, you have to prepare and perform. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The company is currently expanding its carrier base as a top priority. They are looking for owner-operator drivers who operate cargo vans or vans to join their network. The expansion into semi-trailers was on the books shortly thereafter. Conn3ct hopes to create jobs across the country as they grow and hopes to attract more people into the transportation industry by educating them and showing them the opportunities available to them.

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