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Calumet presents new products at Posidonia

[InTime News]

Calumet Specialty Products Partners, a NASDAQ-listed company, exhibited its specialty product line at this month’s Posidonia 2022 show, where it unveiled its latest innovative solutions, including Royal Purple BIOMAX Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL), produced by its Calumet Branded Products subsidiary.

“Our Royal Purple brand is dedicated to developing synthetic lubricant solutions that advance the marine industry,” said Rusty Waples, Director of Brand and Product Management for Calumet’s Performance Brands Division.

Biodegradable, biorenewable, environmentally acceptable, non-toxic and eco-friendly lubricants often do not offer the same level of performance as traditional industrial lubricants.

This results in increased dry-docking time and a higher total cost of ownership.

Royal Purple has solved the performance gap challenge with the proprietary composition of biodegradable, biorenewable, non-toxic or bioaccumulative synthetic molecules.

These superior technologies are durable, environmentally friendly and provide protection for a multitude of applications.