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Best Apps for Keeping a New Business Organized

Starting things off on the right foot is especially helpful with new ventures. Otherwise, we risk being disorganized at the start and never getting back on track.

Good organizational apps aren’t just about keeping your to-do list in order. They may involve organizing notes, managing payroll data, tracking project information, and more.

Here are the best apps for keeping a new business organized.


Organizing how to pay people, whether it’s yourself or the #1 and #2 recruits, is something that many new CEOs are immediately unfamiliar with. If that sounds like you, using software to ease that burden is worth it.

Zenefits cloud payroll software simplifies payroll to save time. It also covers many payroll administration tasks, helps with onboarding new hires, and lets you know what to deposit.

When there is an obvious lack of clarity around payroll matters but demystifying it is essential, this software will help you get up to speed faster.

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There are different time management trackers available. Some are integrated with other software or there are dedicated trackers.

Although Toggl misses the ‘e’, ​​it doesn’t avoid tracking every minute done for clients or across multiple projects. Whether it’s trying to figure out what early employees are spending their valuable time on or knowing how much it costs to provide services to a client, a dedicated time tracking app can be best.

When you consider that the average worker is productive for less than five hours per workday, knowing where their time goes is hugely beneficial. Used by big companies like Netflix, Amazon and Wise, Toggl keeps you better informed.


Asana is a project organization tool designed to help businesses of all sizes better organize their tasks and projects.

This tool takes individual tasks and connects them to the project in a meaningful way. Different employees, contractors or freelancers can be assigned to individual tasks. Project managers can plan bottlenecks and see if a project is on time or late.

Greater collaboration is also possible via Microsoft Teams or meetings set up in Zoom. Data can also be exported to Google Sheets and processed into a new spreadsheet.

Microsoft 365

Document creation and management is made easy with Microsoft 365. This cloud-enabled suite of apps gives employees access to relevant company documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Get full compatibility with all past and present Excel and Word file formats through their Excel and Word apps. Additionally, the Automated File Repair feature can detect when a Microsoft 365 file is corrupt and perform a repair. It’s not a feature that other Office suites perform particularly well.

The office suite can also automatically sync changes to the Microsoft OneDrive cloud to keep them as well.


Evernote is a useful app that can help keep random notes and other digital information in an organized filing system.

All files can be searched to locate what is needed. Rather than information stored in various documents and difficult to track, a central collection point like Evernote can keep everything in one place.

By staying organized from the start, fewer problems with lost information or confusion are created. For new businesses that need to maintain momentum while avoiding potential roadblocks, this is essential.

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