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Arnott’s unveils new iconic products, eau de parfum, mug, Tim Tam slippers

Australian biscuit makers have been teasing Tim Tam fans for months about a new product in the works – but the secret is finally out.

How much do you like Tim Tams? For example, every time you go to take a bite and inhale its decadent scent, wish you could just bottle it up and spray it all over your body?

Well now you can finally do it after Arnott’s unveiled a line of limited-edition products to celebrate National Tim Tam Day on Feb. 16, which includes a scent that’ll make you smell good enough to eat — literally.

Arnott’s has captured the essence of Tim Tam by launching “Tim Tam” eau de parfum, which is one of three limited-edition items shoppers can purchase from the Tim Tams online store.

The 30ml Limited Edition Tim Tam Eau de Parfum contains real cocoa with hints of cocoa and almond, so you can immerse yourself in the seductive aroma of a Tim Tam cookie.

Other items include premium fluffy cotton Tim Tam slippers and a Tim Tam mug.

Rebecca Chan, Arnott’s spokeswoman, said National Tim Tam Day gives Australians the chance to celebrate the chocolate cookie and they are “so thrilled” to launch the exclusive Tim Tam gift shop.

“In 2019 we took over Tamworth and renamed the town Tim-Tamworth, while in 2020 we gave away free Tim Tam biscuits to Australians named Tim or Tam,” she told to.

“And in 2021, we created the luxurious Tim Tam hotel suite.

“This year, we thought we’d grant our wishes via an online gift shop that hosts special items our fans have requested over the years, including the new Tim Tam Eau de Parfum.”

Rebecca said the team realized there were endless and innovative ways to immerse Australians in the indulgence of a Tim Tam.

“Whether by eating them or surrounding yourself with the aroma of one.”

“We are delighted to see how Australia is reacting to our limited edition merchandise.

“If all goes well, we have a sneaking suspicion that there could be more items from the Genie’s personal collection.”

Arnott’s has been teasing Australians over the past few months with its #SorryNotARealProduct and Rebecca said they believe they are making their wishes come true by bringing their favorite ideas to life.

The Tim Tam online store will only be open for a week – until February 23 – so Australians will have to be quick if they want to soak up the fragrance or the exclusive product.

The online gift shop follows previous Tim Tam Day surprises, including last year’s indulgent Tim Tam Suite at QT Sydney, which had Australians scrambling for a night in the hotel room inspired by Tim Tam.

10% of proceeds from items purchased will be donated to the Arnott Foundation to support organizations such as Camp Quality, Driver Reviver and Princess Fairy Sparkle.

For Tim Tam fans eager to skip the queue, early access is available if you sign up for the Tim Tam Secret Society, a members-only mailing list for Tim Tam devotees.