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Apple predicts a huge 2022 with new products across the board

A new report from Bloomberg Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter (via 9to5Mac) says Apple is gearing up for a big 2022.

The theme for next year’s Apple lineup appears to be “Apple silicon” as the company looks to revamp and update its products with its own chips.

This includes a new MacBook Pro, a new Mac mini, and a MacBook Air with Apple’s M2 chip. A “high-end” iMac is also in the works. As someone who watches the price of the iMac and physically backs down, a top of the line one of them shouts “no poor authorized”.

Passing in front of the computers, new iPads (standard, Air and Pro) are obviously planned for the year, the next iPad Pro being able to be equipped with a wireless charging.

Of course, we should see new iPhones next year, and the company is planning three different Apple Watch models according to Gurman’s report. This includes a new Apple Watch SE, which is expected to be a more affordable, low-fat wearable.

Finally, Apple’s AR headset, the rumor of which is long and often reported, could see the light of day next year. This coincides with other reports regarding the AR headset. These reports also indicate that the AR headset would be a stand-alone unit that doesn’t require other Apple products.

Overall, it looks like it will be a full year for Apple. The biggest problem ? Will Apple be able to fix the supply chain and the chip shortage when it starts shipping all these new products?

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