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Announcing the Opening of Baldwin County Roofing Systems – A New Business.

A brand new roofing contractor opens a business to serve Baldwin County, Alabama. It’s called Baldwin County Roofing Systems. Owner John Manis Jr. has many years of business experience and success working with others. He now goes out on his own and pledges to be one of the top roofing contractors in Baldwin County, Alabama, where he has many friends, relatives, and business connections.

John’s father, John Manis Sr., was a well-respected real estate broker in the Pensacola Florida area, southern Alabama and Baldwin County. He taught young John at a very young age the importance of detail in the construction of houses and other buildings. John Jr. learned first hand what to look for and how to tell when something was done well or if it was shoddy work. He learned by DOING because his dad made sure he was able to do “hands-on” work and learn roofing, framing, installing doors and windows, and all the other things that come in in making a high quality building. And he learned to do it right.

John’s father was not only a real estate broker, he graduated from the Naval Academy class of 1970 and then served 10 years as a fighter pilot in the United States Navy as well as a flight instructor in advanced jets. He was also an accomplished writer aka The Great Communicator. John Jr. had the perfect teacher because his father’s life as a jet pilot depended on getting the details right! “He taught me that all it takes is a small mistake to cause a breakdown or premature failure and that it’s always better to do the job right by the book and get it right the first time. . When you fly in a jet, you don’t take shortcuts or use shoddy tools or parts. The same goes for roofing or any of the skills needed to build high quality structures. He also taught John to respect the people he works for and the people he works with. It’s the same philosophy that Roofing Systems of Baldwin County uses every day with its employees and customers.

Over the years, John Jr. has acquired the knowledge, experience and skills to become one of the top roofing contractors in the industry. He had to postpone his opening for a few months because his father died suddenly in January this year. He dedicates Roofing Systems of Baldwin County to his father who looked forward to working alongside him. “I am looking forward to taking this business to the next level. It is truly a family affair and a labor of love. He promised his father that he would stay close to him and take care of his mother. So don’t be surprised if she answers the phone.

The Manis family has roots in Baldwin County that date back over 100 years. John Manis Jr. is here for the long haul. He will stand behind every job he does and go the extra mile to make sure the job is done correctly, on time, and in a way that would have made his father proud of him. His many years of work experience in construction and roofing means he is “storm tested” working the aftermath of several hurricanes and tornadoes in southern Alabama and the northern Florida region. It also gave him a lot of experience working with the laws and rules of both states, as well as working with many insurance agents in this field. They know exactly what they need to complete the applications and know how to process them to get your work quickly approved and paid for with minimal paperwork or questions.

Contact information:
Name: John Manis Jr.
Email: Send email
Organization: Baldwin County Roofing Systems
Address: 420 Lowell Ln, Pensacola, FL 32514, USA
Phone: +1-251-202-7055

Build ID: 89075358

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