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American Airlines Introduces New Business Class Seat – Flagship Suite

American Airlines today announced a new business class seat it is calling a Flagship Suite that it will begin rolling out in 2024.

The new suite will be on all Airbus A321LXR and Boeing 787-9 deliveries from 2024. The airline also plans to install the new suite on all 20 existing Boeing 777-300ERs from the end of 2024.

You can access AA here.

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Boeing 787-9

Airbus A321LXR

AA press release:

A Premium Private Experience in the Sky: American Airlines Introduces New Flagship Suite® Seats

New premium seats will be available on the airline’s long-haul fleet from 2024

  • Flagship Suite® seats, complete with privacy doors, will be included on all Airbus A321XLR and Boeing 787-9 deliveries from 2024.
  • American will refresh its Boeing 777-300ER fleet with a luxurious new interior, improving the in-flight customer experience on long-haul international routes.
  • Premium seating in American’s long-haul fleet will grow more than 45% by 2026.
  • From the carefully redesigned lounges to the aircraft’s sleek interior and enhanced in-flight service, customers will experience a truly premium experience with American.

FORT WORTH, Texas – American Airlines is offering its customers a new suite. With new deliveries of its Airbus A321XLR and Boeing 787-9, starting in 2024, the airline will unveil new premium Flagship Suite® seats and a redesigned aircraft interior for its long-haul fleet. Flagship Suite® seating will provide guests with a private premium experience with a private door, lounger option and more personal storage space. Guests will enjoy bespoke luxury in their private retreat in the sky in American’s premium cabin.

“We are improving the customer experience throughout their journey with American,” said American Vice President of Customer Experience Julie Rath. “The arrival of new long-haul aircraft and the custom design of Flagship Suite® seats will provide customers with a truly private premium experience on our long-haul fleet.”

American was the first US airline to launch long-haul Premium Economy seats in 2016, and in response to customer demand, the airline is adding even more Premium Economy seats to its long-haul planes. The new custom-designed Premium Economy seat creates more privacy and doubles the amount of storage space in the seat.

With the introduction of new interiors on its long-haul aircraft, premium seating across American’s long-haul fleet will increase by more than 45% by 2026. American’s Boeing 787-9 aircraft will feature 51 Flagship Suite® seats and 32 Premium Economy seats, and the airline’s Airbus A321XLR will feature 20 Flagship Suite® seats and 12 Premium Economy seats.

Members of American’s award-winning AAdvantage® loyalty program can earn miles through everyday activities such as shopping and dining which they can use for award tickets to experience American’s new Flagship Suite® seats at of their launch in 2024.

Refreshing existing aircraft

American will also upgrade its aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER, to include Flagship Suite® seats. These 20 aircraft will be refreshed with the new interiors beginning in late 2024. American’s aircraft will feature more premium seating than its current design, with 70 Flagship Suite® seats and 44 Premium Economy seats.

American will also upgrade its Airbus A321T fleet to align these 16 aircraft with the rest of its A321 fleet. American will continue to offer stretched seats on its transcontinental routes from New York and Boston with its Northeast Alliance partner, JetBlue Airways, giving travelers a premium experience and the ability to arrive refreshed after a flight across the country.


Hmmm. No word on the future of the American FIRST CLASS product which appears to be quietly on its way out by 2025/2026 when all existing aircraft will have been converted.

American Airlines’ two fiercest competitors, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, discontinued international first class some time ago.

It is sad to see the last “true” international first class abandoned by an American airline, but the current business class hard product is far superior to the old “back then” first class.