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Aisin celebrates milestones, new products for launch

Aisin manufactures and supplies more than 10,000 types of auto parts to major auto manufacturers around the world. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

AISIN, a leading supplier of premium premium auto parts, marked important milestones this year, including the appointment of the new Managing Director of Aisin Asia as well as the development of a new brand and a new logo, new products and a new vision in the years to come.

With the theme “Celebrating the New Era of Excellence: Turning Vision into Motion”, Aisin celebrated the company’s achievements in 2021 at a virtual year-end gathering. The company has been joined by media, influencers, its executives and representatives from its authorized Filipino distributor, Riken Motor Sales Inc.

Aisin Asia’s new general manager, Yasuhiro Nakamura, explained how the company has strived to innovate and create products to better serve its customers.

“With the help of our technological solutions, we want to create a better future for our customers without compromising the quality of life and the sustainable environment,” said Nakamura.

The company also presented the new brand and logo of the Aisin group, which embody the company’s vision and philosophy “Inspire movement, create tomorrow”.

During the brand’s launch, Winston Ang, Vice President of Riken Motor Sales, discussed the products offered in the Philippine market this year. He noted that when it comes to transmissions, engines, lubricants and brake related products, Aisin remains the number one choice for customers. He also announced the availability of new Aisin products next year.

“There are already products slated for launch in 2022, such as fuel filters, air and cabin filters, wiper blades and more. Aisin Advics and Art Products are available in the Philippines through Riken Motor Sales and our partner resellers nationwide, ”said Ang shared.

Aisin has manufactured and supplied over 10,000 kinds of auto parts to major auto manufacturers all over the world. Aisin has also been able to offer high quality automotive products by leveraging its technological expertise and strong network of automotive manufacturing plants across the world.