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Ace Hardware opens “Home Center” with new products

Ace Hardware is opening a new store “Ace Home Centre” at Majeedhee Magu in Male.

The store opening was inaugurated by Co-Load Maldives Managing Director Abbas Mohamed in a ceremony held on Friday evening. This is the third store opened under Ace Hardware.

Ace Home Center — Photo: Fayyaz Moosa

The four-story store is designed for home appliances. The store’s basement is dedicated to children’s toys and candy, while the ground floor is dedicated to bedding, home decor, and bathroom supplies.

The first floor of the store contains kitchen appliances, agricultural supplies, barbecue equipment and pesticides, while the third floor is reserved for other household appliances.

Ace Home Center — Photo: Fayyaz Moosa

Some items that are not available at other Ace Hardware stores will also be available at this outlet. This includes a whole new range of bedding.

Ace Hardware said products from world famous brands will be available at low prices.

Ace Home Center — Photo: Fayyaz Moosa

The ongoing Ramadan promotion by Ace Hardware will also be available at the Ace Home Center. The promotion offers up to 80% off various products.

Ace Home Center — Photo: Fayyaz Moosa

The promotion will run until the end of April. Customers have the opportunity to receive prizes with every purchase over 300 MVR. Among the participants in the promotion, the winner of the first prize will be able to select one of the three prizes offered by Ace Hardware. The three awards are; a cash prize of 50,000 MVR or goods worth 100,000 MVR or return tickets to Turkey for two people with seven days of stay.

Ace Hardware was launched in 2011 in collaboration with an American company; Ace International and a local company; Co-Load Maldives Pvt Ltd