New business

A new company makes strength its objective with a unique inauguration


VALLEY CITY, Ohio – It was a grand opening with a little extra spice!

There was no ribbon to cut when the Valley City Bar Bell opened on December 16. Instead, owner and strongman competitor Nathan Pozderac came out, hoisted a 250-pound ball from a red cushion over his shoulder as his children scurried over to place two bags of powder on the cushion.

Then, with the countdown of guests and members of the Northern Medina County Chamber Alliance, he dropped the ball onto the cushion and ‘beanbag’, with an emphasis on bodybuilding, the Valley City Bar Bell officially opened its doors.

Ed Gonzales of NMCCA welcomed the company to the community at its grand opening.

The 4,000 square foot facility is tucked away at 6721 Grafton Road, where it is open 24/7. It may be the first business in the area where members receive an app on their phones. intelligent and can enter at any time.

Nathan didn’t go far from home to open his new business. His family moved there when he was little and that’s where they stay. He graduated from Buckeye High School and received his bachelor’s degree from Akron University and a master’s degree in healthcare administration. He is the administrator of The Transitional Living Centers, a business started by his parents 50 years ago. One of these houses is located directly opposite the Valley City Bar Bell.

“It’s a ‘hobby,’ said Pozderac.“ I was interested in sports when I was a kid, and when I was about 10 or 11, I started lifting weights with my dad. I was about the age of my son, Logan, and he and his wife, Chelsea, are also the parents of 13-year-old Lily.

“I remember being fascinated by weightlifting and strongman competitions on TV when I was a kid,” he said, “and started playing both sports. I mostly stay close to home and recently finished competing in Greenfield, Ohio. I finished second in the men’s superweight division. I’m a big guy, ”he laughed.

Then he pointed to a small young woman who was in the gym and said, “She competed and took first place in her division.”

It’s Darby Sandor and she said she started weightlifting because she’s a firefighter and you have to be strong.

While some gym equipment looks familiar, it’s all about strength, and Pozderac said. “All ages and abilities benefit from being stronger – not just those interested in building huge muscles, noting that it is the same process, but a little different.” What you will see is equipment from EliteFTS and Troy.

While many of his clients will work alone, professional training is available. In the future, he hopes to have group programs and family events.

“It is also a positive place,” he said. “It is written in our contract that members must be respectful. “

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