Save money on mobile telephony and broadband

There can be a lot of money to save by choosing the right mobile subscription, many. But the market for mobile telephony and mobile subscriptions is not always easy to figure out, therefore we guide you to what you need to do to get the most out of your mobile subscription.

What is your real consumption?


First of all, you need to examine how much data you use, how many hours you talk and how many text messages you send. You can easily do that by looking at your bill or by logging in to your current provider, where you can check your usage.

Once you have done so, you have a good starting point to explore the many possibilities of the market, which leads us to the next point.

Examine the market opportunities

Examine the market opportunities

After you have created an overview of your real consumption, you can start investigating the market. You can either do this by using a price comparison service where you can compare prices of telephony and broadband that match your preferences.

There are many different comparison services available on the market today and therefore it may be difficult to choose the one you need. Which is a good and reliable – and not least independent – service that can be used to find the phone subscription that marches your preferences.

Your current provider may be able to do something about the price


Often, your current provider can cut a bit of the price. If they do not, just tell them you will have to try to find another company that can give you better prices than they can, it usually gets them talking. If you have not yet assembled the entire family’s mobile phone at a provider, you can also get them to give an even sharper price. However, this does not always happen, if not, you should take seriously your threats. It is not at all difficult to change subscriptions, often you do not have to do anything for yourself, because the telecommunications company you are switching to will do everything for you.

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