How is the rate of my mortgage credit determined?

They are good questions. There are a handful of factors that influence the rating you can receive when you apply for a loan or a mortgage transfer; others, do not depend on you and have a great weight. Let’s see.

I recently met the case of two twin brothers. Pablo lives in Monterrey and Luciano in Guadalajara. In inheriting money, they made the decision to invest it well. Pablo works as a lawyer. Luciano is making a career as an artist. The two made the mortgage loan application in the same week in different banks. Pablo’s rate was lower than Luciano’s. Why?

I reviewed both applications and was able to discover several reasons why Luciano received a higher rate. I explain them to you:

Factors that influence the rate of your mortgage loan

Factors that influence the rate of your mortgage loan

The value or amount of the credit

The brothers had requested exactly what they needed to complete the value of the depa that each would buy. Pablo had chosen a department of greater value, therefore, he requested a loan of greater value.

At higher value, lower rate. Why?

The value of money is closely related to the loan amount. The higher the value, the greater the risk, but also a better business for the bank. The rate expresses that reality. But the time factor is never lacking in the equation. In fact, the rate is the combination of the value of the loan in the period that the credit lasts.

The term

Money has a cost over time. It is not the same if you lend someone money to get paid in a year or five years. The cost of money is directly related to time.

Pablo and Luciano asked for the 15-year loan.

Your credit history

Your credit history

This factor may influence the assessment that the entity makes of your request. If you were ever reported for breaching a payment, even if you have already resolved the matter, it will appear in your financial history. The bank will give you points according to your policies. And it will be grounds for rejection if you appear in default in the Credit Bureau .

Your income level

The twins had different incomes. Surely, this factor influenced the rating they received from each financial institution that evaluated their loan application. Pablo could pay two credits if he wanted to; instead, Luciano would have to take care of his expenses to meet the monthly payment, that is, the bank would do well to assume that he represents a greater risk (at least for a couple of years, as his career is on the rise). Each bank has its own rating tables.

Economic moment of the country

Economic moment of the country

Business cycles move rates up or down . That will affect the rate of your mortgage loan whether you are applying for a loan to buy a home for the first time or a mortgage transfer. The Bank of Mexico (BANXICO), evaluates each factor that moves the economy (indicators of production, dollar value, exports, imports, costs, household consumption, indebtedness, etc.) and manages interest rates to control the economy . Although financial institutions are free to set their interest rates, they should listen to the indications of the Bank of Mexico.

Cost of each bank

Cost of each bank

Finally, the rate of your credit will depend on the bank or financial entity you choose.

All financial institutions have different administrative costs, different policies and different business strategies. These components weigh on the value of money and you will see them expressed in the CAT , the Total Annual Cost.   This is the real value that the bank will use to establish the interest you will pay for your loan.

The case of Pablo and Luciano ended with a good result. After evaluating the two options, they were resolved by Pablo’s. The difference was half a point. And half a point in time and for the value they were requesting, it’s enough money.

Therefore, the wisest thing is to quote in several entities and compare, something that you can do easily and online with Mowgli. The wisest thing is always to be attentive to your business. It is likely that, if you already have a credit and analyze, the rate has changed and you have a good opportunity to reduce the rate, pay less for your home and enjoy life more.

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